Builder, Remodeler and Associate of the Year Award






Each year, one Builder, one Remodeler and one Associate member of the Builders Association of the Twin Cities earns these most prestigious awards that recognize trust, communication, loyalty and ethics in business dealings between them and the other BATC members with whom they work.  Builder and Remodeler of the Year also include customer satisfaction criteria.


Dates & Deadlines

  • July 7, 2017 - Entry Deadline (nominate or self-enter)
  • July 15, 2017 - Once entries are submitted, entrants will receive emailed instructions to forward evaluation survey to their BATC member partners and clients
  • August 4, 2017 - Completed ratings by partnering members and/or clients deadline



  • FREE – no entry fee
  • Online entry and evaluation process



  • Previous winners are ineligible on any of these awards for five (5) years from their win  I.e. if a company wins Builder of the Year, they are also not eligible for Remodeler and/or Associate of the Year for that same time  period. If they won in 2016, they would not be eligible again until 2021. 
  • Previous winners are ineligible on any of these awards for five (5) years from their win in case of a name change.
  • Affiliated companies of a winning firm(within the past five years) are eligible as long as they are a current and independent (or separate) BATC Member in good standing and have a different license number as the recent affiliated winning company.



Nominees are asked to supply company bio information:

  • Company Name
  • Number of years in business
  • Paragraph explaining why they should win the award
  • Listing of any community service and charitable activities in which they engage
  • List of all leadership (committee, task forces) participation any company personnel has with BATC    
  • Builders and Remodelers must note the percentage of building and remodeling their business engages in



It is in your best interest to get as many evaluations completed as possibly by partners you feel would evaluate you as highly as possible.  The number of completed surveys may exceed the number of evaluations allowed.  For Builders we will use the first 15 unique Associate member company scores, for Remodelers, the first 10 Associate member company scores, and for Associates the first 20 Builder/Remodeler member company scores.  Only one evaluation allowed per company per nominee.


If for example you are a remodeling company and had 20 member scores received, the first 10 will be counted.  In the instance in that first 10 scores, two scores were received by two different representatives from the same member company, the first score from that company would be used and the 2nd one discarded.  If that is the case, then the next applicable score would be used in tallying the total.


Nominees will be supplied with a list of current BATC Members.  If an evaluating company is not a BATC member, their evaluation will be disqualified and the next applicable score would be used.


  • Builder nominees are evaluated by a maximum of 15 BATC Associate members and up to 5 clients
  • Remodeler nominees are evaluated  a maximum of 10 BATC Associates and up to 5 clients
  • Associate Member nominees are evaluated by  a maximum of 20 BATC Builders/Remodelers


Member EvaluAtions

Members have opportunity to share why they believe a nominee should win the award and rate the nominee on a scale of one to ten, with ten being the highest.


Trust-The evaluation of the trust exhibited in your relationship with your builder/remodeler/associate should include consideration of the following items:

A. Timely and accurate execution of contractual commitments.

B. Completion of verbal commitments.

C. Provides good and services as specified and does not try to cut corners.

D. Treats your bids and conversations confidentially.


Communication - Good communication is essential in any strong business relationship. Please include the following criteria when evaluation this builder’s/remodeler’s/associate’s communication skills.

A.  Product or services offered are well defined.

B. Orders are filled accurately.

C. Orders are filled on a timely basis allowing ample time for completion.

D. Problems or complaints are well documented.

E. Special requests are well defined.

F. Documentation and administration of contract is accurate and complete.

G. This builder has lines of communication, which are well defined and followed.

H. Responses are quick and definitive.


Loyalty- must be earned, and therefore, your evaluation in this area should include consideration of your performance in your commitments to the builder/remodeler/associate and objective view of what you have done to deserve this builder’s/remodeler’s/associate’s loyalty to your company.

A. Regularly provide a range of options and up to date information on new products and services.

B. The relationship has continued to grow since inception.

C. This builder provides excellent support to us in marketing and promotions.

D. Gives positive word of mouth.

E. This builder presents products in a timely manner.


Ethics- In the course of establishing an optimum business relationship, it should be acknowledged that the most productive professional business alliances have been those that were founded on a strong ethical base. Ethical business standards consist of some basic, but absolutely necessary, elements to which businesses in today’s society subscribe and adhere.

A. Ethics are a philosophy of moral conduct that dictates certain actions in the business environment. They include the concept of mutual benefits: a contract or business obligation should be best interest of both parties.

B. This condition is manifested through openness: representation of all the know facts, positive and negative, plus accurate statement as to other aspects.

C. Integrity: commitments should always be transferred into a corresponding action that is in total accord with mutual agreements.

D. Finally, and of significant importance to an ethical business relationship, is the acceptance of the concept, that in the human condition, there are irrefutable principles of right and wrong. True success in work place is measured in how effective we are confirming to the “right” principles of conduct. Ethical Consideration is not an obligation, but a tenet that is carried out willing and in the spirit.


Consideration- Any business relationship is a two-way street. While the old adage states “the customer is always right,” there are facts in any relationship which determine its success and can ultimately affect the satisfaction and success of the parties involved. Please base your response on the following:

A. Provides information on goods and services in a timely manner.

B. Returns phone calls and responds to written communication.

C. Respects job-site rules.

D. Builder is considerate of other trades on the job site.

E. This builder exhibits respect for your company, your employees and your company’s ability to perform.

F. Provides timely delivery of goods and services.


Overall Evaluation



Client Evaluations (Builders/Remodelers Only)

Clients have opportunity to share why they believe a nominee should win the award and rate the builder/remodeler nominee on a scale of one to ten, with ten being the highest.

Design and Layout

Quality of Construction

Communication-Before, during and after the project.

Budget-How closely did this builder/remodeler hold the project to budget.

Innovation and Creativity

Overall Satisfaction




The maximum number of points is 1200.  75% of the points come from member evaluations and 25% come from client evaluations for builder/remodeler nominees.  100% of the points come from member evaluations for associate nominees.

  • Builder Points: The maximum number of Member points for a Builder is 900 (15 evaluations at max of 60 points), and the maximum number of client points is 300 (5 evaluations at 60 points each).
  • Remodeler Points: The maximum number of Member points is 900 (10 evaluations at max of 60 points x 1.5 (calculation so that member surveys equate 75% of the score), and the maximum number of client points is 300 (5 evaluations at 60 points each).
  • Associate Points: The maximum number of Member points is 1200 (20 evaluations at max of 60 points)



Recipient Selection

  • Evaluations/survey response points will be complied with the top three to five aggregate scoring firms named as finalists
  • The review panel will verify the highest scoring firm as the award recipient.  The only exception to the highest scoring firm receiving the award would be in the case of bankruptcy, license revocation, or license suspension
  • In the event of a tie, the review panel will select a winner based on company bio and member/client comments



Review Panel

Finalists submitted bio information plus the survey responses will be reviewed by a panel of the past three years’ winners of Builder of the Year, Remodeler of the Year and Associate of the Year




  • If a review panelist is affiliated with an entrant/nominee that representative will be recused
  • BATC engagement is asked on the contestant bio form but only used in case of tied scores 
  • Nominees are responsible for sending evaluation forms to their selected BATC partners and clients and any follow-up. To be fair to all participants, BATC cannot provide updates on who has or has not completed an evaluation form, or how many forms have been completed
  • All responses from BATC partners or clients will be kept confidential and not shared with participating Builders unless partners and clients chose to allow their comments to be sent to the nominee by checking an opt-in box on the evaluation form



Awards Presentation

All of our awards are presented at one great event: The BIG Night in October

Click here to view past Builder, Remodeler and Associate of the Year Winners



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