Ambassador Committee

The BATC-Housing First Minnesota Ambassador Committee provides guidance regarding the Building Housing First recognition program, which honors those who bring new members into the Association. Membership retention and growth are the key goals for the Ambassador Committee. It is also crucial that committee members are well-versed in all things BATC-Housing First Minnesota so they may represent the population of members publicly and welcome new members effectively. In order to serve on the BATC-Housing First Minnesota Ambassador Committee, you must have been a member for at least one year and have attended at least three (3) BATC-Housing First Minnesota events, including a Kickstart event. Exceptions can be made on a case by case basis.


2017 Committee Chair –  Jill MurphyTrue North Consulting
BATC-Housing First Minnesota Staff – Heather Griffis OR Kristina Mahler

Artisan Home Tour Committee

This Committee is comprised of builders and remodelers who participate in the Artisan Home Tour. It is charged with broad oversight of the tour, including the strategic plan for the tour, setting entrance standards, offering guidance regarding tour rules and providing insight into tour marketing to insure maximum attendance.


2017 Committee Chair Scott Busyn, Great Neighborhood Homes, Inc.

BATC-Housing First Minnesota Staff – Wendy Danks  651-697-7565


BATC-Housing First Minnesota Foundation

The goal of the BATC-Housing First Minnesota Foundation is to provide affordable housing to families in need. We strive to accomplish this by partnering with social service organizations and our building professionals to rehabilitate existing homes and build new ones. Through donations and volunteer efforts, we work to keep costs down thereby addressing the affordability issues for these families. MOTTO: Making a difference.....One Home at a time.

2017 Foundation Chair Stephen Roche
BATC-Housing First Minnesota Staff – Bob Bennett

BATC-Housing First Minnesota Staff – Shelly Barrett

BIG Night Committee

This Committee plans and executes the BATC-Housing First Minnesota Building Industry Gala (BIG).  The BIG Night is an exceptional evening of networking and is our industry celebration that showcases the best in the industry with BATC-Housing First Minnesota Awards. All of the BATC-Housing First Minnesota Awards are given at the BIG Night, including: the Reggie, Trillium, ROMA, Bennie, Builder of the Year, Remodeler of the Year, Associate of the Year, Advocate of the Year, Legislator of the Year, Building BATC, MN Green Path Leadership Award, Rising Star, Robert L. Hanson Lifetime Achievement Award and the Housing Industry Leader of the Year Award.

2018 Committee Chair – Jerry DeckerBrush Masters
BATC-Housing First Minnesota Staff – Nicole Coon


Builders & Remodelers Show (BRS) Committee


This Committee places a strong focus on the Builders and Remodelers Show (BRS) to ensure that the event continues to be a premier opportunity to connect associates to their clients.

2018 Committee Chair – Dave PetersonDistinctive Drywall, Inc.
BATC-Housing First Minnesota Staff – Nicole Coon

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee seeks to integrate all of BATC-Housing First Minnesota’s consumer and industry communications efforts to maximize impact. The array of communications efforts include: Parade of Homes, Remodelers Showcase, Artisan Home Tour, Public Policy, Housing First Fund, PAC and Network, Minnesota's Green Path, Contractor University, Builders and Remodelers Show (BRS), The BIG Night, BATC-Housing First Minnesota's Housing Industry Career Fair, Workforce Development and Home Builder Advocate Network. Members of the Committee work to answer the question, "How do we integrate all of our properties into a coherent and powerful story?"

2017 Committee Chair - Meg Jaeger, New Spaces
BATC-Housing First Minnesota Staff - Wendy Danks

Education & Workforce Committee

The challenge of making construction a career of choice falls to this Committee. It is engaged in a collaborative effort with The Builders Group Foundation and some 15 construction-related associations to launch this effort. In addition, the Committee provides guidance and broad oversight regarding the accredited Contractor University courses for builders, remodelers, real estate agents and building inspectors and non-accredited educational offerings at BATC-Housing First Minnesota.

2017 Committee Chair – Pat Hegseth, Scherer Bros. Lumber Co.
BATC-Housing First Minnesota Staff – David Siegel & Tom Gavaras

Large Volume Builders Committee

This Committee represents the interests of BATC-Housing First Minnesota's largest builders. It meets four times per year to discuss issues pertinent to this market segment within our Association. 

2017 Committee Chair – James Slaikeu, DR Horton, Inc., Minnesota
BATC-Housing First Minnesota Staff – James Vagle

MN Green Path Committee

Minnesota’ Green Path Committee is charged with oversight of our green building and remodeling program, which has tested more than 9,000 homes, providing each of them with a Home Performance Report.

2017 Committee Chair - Carol Griffith, Robert Thomas Homes, Inc.
BATC-Housing First Minnesota Staff - Tom Gavaras

Parade of HomesSM Committee

The Parade of Homes Committee provides broad oversight into the planning and implementation of the Parade of Homes events and website. The Committee is involved in developing the strategic plan for the tours, setting rules, imposing penalties, and providing insights regarding tour promotion to insure maximum value for tour participants. Committee members serve three-year staggered terms; 75 percent must be builders and only a builder can chair this committee. The Committee works to maintain a balance between small, mid and large-sized builders.

2017 Committee Chair – Tim Fohr, Lennar
BATC-Housing First Minnesota Staff – Wendy Danks

Public Policy Committee

This Committee meets quarterly and provides oversight with regard to the five major areas of BATC-Housing First Minnesota's modern, comprehensive advocacy program: Legislative Advocacy; Electoral Advocacy, Regulatory Advocacy; Legal Advocacy and Issue Advocacy. The goal of BATC-Housing First Minnesota's public policy efforts include defending against onerous regulations and legislation that threaten housing affordability, elevating the home building industry in Minnesota and supporting ordinances, legislation, programs and policies that make sensible and cost-effective land use and building practices a priority.

2017 Committee Chair – Bill Burgess, Lennar
BATC-Housing First Minnesota Staff – James Vagle

Remodelers Committee

BATC-Housing First Minnesota's Remodelers Committee is the leadership group engaged in supporting our remodeler niche. It also is involved in the planning, implementation and strategic planning for the Parade of Homes Remodelers Showcase, and provides input to the Awards and Recognition Committee about the Remodeler of Merit (ROMA) awards and the Remodeler of the Year.

2017 Committee Chair – James Julkowski, Julkowski, Inc.
BATC-Housing First Minnesota Staff – Wendy Danks

Small Volume Builders Committee

This Committee is open to small-volume builders and encourages this market segment within our Association to share concerns and issues pertinent to them. The Committee also hosts in partnership with the Remodelers Committee three roundtable programs each year.

2017 Committee Chair – Art Pratt, Pratt Homes
BATC-Housing First Minnesota Staff – Wendy Danks

Young Professionals Committee

BATC-Housing First Minnesota's Young Professionals provide young talent within the building industry a chance to build relationships, become active in BATC-Housing First Minnesota and develop as professionals. YPs sponsor the annual BATC-Housing First Minnesota Clay Shoot and hold several events during the year. The YPs have a particularly strong focus on charitable activities.

2018 Committee Chair – Katrina Bigger, Innovative Surfaces, Inc.
BATC-Housing First Minnesota Staff –  Emily Petermann



Member Bash Task Force

This Task Force plans and executes the Member Bash, our membership appreciation event.  Prizes and BATC Bucks are given away along with afternoon refreshments. Positions on this task force are for one event.

BATC-Housing First Minnesota Staff – Nicole Coon

Member Buck Auction Task Force

This Task Force plans and executes the Member Buck Auction held in November.  Food, drink, and merriment are a given, in addition to great prizes, members bid on using their Member Bucks*. Positions on this task force are for one event. 


*Member Bucks are our way of saying thank you for volunteering and being involved at BATC-Housing First Minnesota.  Collect your bucks during the calendar year by attending meetings and events, recruiting new members just to name a few.  

BATC-Housing First Minnesota Staff – Nicole Coon

Clay Shoot Task Force

This Task Force plans and executes the BATC-Housing First Minnesota Clay Shoot, hosted by the Young Professionals Committee and held in October.  Positions on this task force are for one event

BATC-Housing First Minnesota Staff – Nicole Coon

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