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Important Information

Spring 2018 Event Dates: February 24 - March 25, 2018
Hours: Friday-Sunday, Noon-6pm




Spring entry deadline is November 14th. Late fees will begin on the 15th; $250 per company. 


Spring Entry Cost: $2,994 per remodeled entry; First half is due up front with your entry, final half payment will be due along with your final proof deadline.


How to Enter: To enter a remodeled home, login to your account at Contact 651-697-1954 if you need a login and password. From your 'Manage Profile' page, click the button to 'Enter a New or Remodeled Home'. For step-by-step instructions on how to enter the Remodelers Showcase, take a look at our video tutorials or contact or 651-697-1954.


Every participant in the Remodelers Showcase receives a 1/4 page “ad” in the published Guidebook and a full page online at with information you provide — including the remodelers name (as it appears on your MN Contractors license), a written description, photo or illustration, small directional map, written directions, city, project type and your website address. Online search criteria include final entry number, city, remodeler name and project type. Please complete ALL information to ensure you receive the full impact of your participation in the Remodelers Showcase.

Your home's description can be up to approximately 575 total characters in length. You can describe the features of your home and neighborhood. Include information about your company, lifestyle benefits, etc. Please do not include names of any other firms (architects, interior designers, etc.) unless they are members of BATC-Housing First Minnesota. Your copy may be edited as per BATC-Housing First Minnesota editorial style and character limit.

Camera-Ready Illustrations or Photos:
You can supply your own camera-ready illustration or photo. When submitting digital graphics, please provide minimum resolution of 300 dpi for halftones/CAD, and 1200 dpi for lineart. Please submit in TIF, JPG or EPS formats. The deadline for camera-ready art will be the final proof deadline. You can upload photos directly to your entry online (maximum file size is 28MB) or email. BATC-Housing First Minnesota retains the right to refuse any illustrations it deems inappropriate. Enter online or e-mail to

From Blueprints/Elevations: BATC-Housing First Minnesota will draw a front exterior illustration from your front blueprint elevation. Remember to include your name and the entry address clearly on the submitted blueprints and mark any revisions clearly. A $100 fee will be invoiced for additional drawings after the first one is completed (if you change elevations or move to another home). You can obtain a digital file or high-resolution copy of your illustration for use in brochures by calling BATC-Housing First Minnesota at 651-697-1954.

Guidebook Map and Directions:
This small map will appear in the Guidebook only, and should be drawn to include at least one major artery roadway, and all streets leading up to the entry, which should be noted with an “X” or dot on the map. Enter online or e-mail to Directions should be clear and can have up to approximately 140 total characters.

Locator BING Map:
If you enter online you may place your “pin” directly on the map provided, otherwise you must include a map page (Hudson/Kings/MapQuest) copy with your entry clearly marked.

Online Member Information:

You receive a free remodeler page at when you enter the tour which remains accessible online for the current tour and one additional tour (archives accessible online will be for the two most recent tours). You can update your page online as you complete your entry or copy your current page and fax us with changes.

Free Opportunities:
Participating remodelers have several free options that can enhance the value of participation in the Remodelers Showcase.

Real Family Editorial:
We want your homeowners to share their remodeling experiences to feature in the Remodelers Showcase Guidebook. It's a great way to get more exposure for your company and to show Twin Cities families the personal side of remodeling a home. Your story will be part of our editorial section. To submit a family for consideration, please complete the Real Family entry form. If possible, please provide photos of the home and family. Selections are dependent upon the submissions, and selected to provide the most interesting editorial.

Artisan Dream Remodeled Homes:
The BATC-Housing First Minnesota Foundation, our charitable arm, selects one to three homes during each event as their fundraising Artisan Remodeled Dream Homes. These million-dollar-plus homes receive increased publicity, a full-page description in the Guidebook and are included in special searches online. Selected homes will be staffed by the Foundation throughout the tour for collection of the $5.00 entry fee which is used by the Foundation to continue their charitable work. Artisan Dream Remodeled Homes must provide a location for fee collection and allow space for a minimal display about the Foundation. Selection is made entirely at the discretion of the BATC-Housing First Minnesota Foundation staff/volunteers, chosen to maximize fund-raising prospects. Please complete the Dream Remodeled Home form to be considered. EARLY DEADLINE! Submit entry form by October 30th, 2017 (you do not have to enter Remodeler event unless selected).

Dream Remodeled Home Requirements:

  • Home has never been in any Parade of Homes/Remodelers Showcase or other tour event.
  • Selected Artisan Dream Remodeled Home entry will pay the regular Remodelers Showcase entry fee.
  • Home must be complete and ready to open the first day of the Remodelers Showcase, and remain open during the entire event.
  • Home must be whole-house or significant square footage.
  • Minimum project price of $400,000 / $300 per sq. ft.
  • Home must be fully furnished.
  • The Artisan Dream Remodeled Home will receive additional public relations and editorial support.
  • Preference will be given to a remodeler who has not been selected before.
  • Selection of Artisan Dream Remodeled Home will be at the sole discretion of the BATC-Housing First Minnesota Foundation Artisan Dream Home representatives (location/size/style/parking opportunities, etc., will be considered).
  • Potential for significant traffic and revenue is important and will be factored in.
  • The Artisan Dream Homes are the Foundation’s biggest fundraiser.
  • Artisan Dream Remodeled Home will be numbered, and the entry will appear in the correct geographic location within the Guidebook.
  • Artisan Dream Remodeled Home will receive a one-page editorial description with photo or illustration in the Guidebook.
  • Price of admission will be $5. The Foundation will provide staffing for collection of entry fees, all material and signage.
  • Remodeler must provide a table and chair near front entry for host.
  • A BATC-Housing First Minnesota Foundation sign will be prominently displayed in the home promoting the Foundation’s current projects and information regarding the Foundation.
  • A whole house tear down and rebuild does not qualify for Remodelers Showcase Artisan Dream Home.
  • Participating Remodelers will be required to sign an additional participation agreement and may face penalties for violations of the agreement.

Special Events Calendar: 

Holding a special event at your remodeled home during the tour is a great way to keep prospects interested and in your model. BATC-Housing First Minnesota will promote all events in the Guidebook and online. Events can include educational seminars, product demonstrations, charitable events, grand opening parties, wine and cheese events, and the like. Please complete the Special Events form and return it with your entry with your intent.

Remodeler Page at
As a BATC-Housing First Minnesota member, you receive a searchable remodeler page that allows visitors to search by several criteria. Your remodeler page is cross-referenced with your current and archived Remodelers Showcase homes. Please take a moment to check that your remodeler page online at is accurate before each event. If you require changes, please email changes to or print out your page and send a marked-up copy via fax (651-697-7599) or mail.

FREE Premium Online Remodeler Listing:
Your Remodelers Showcase entry allows you to upgrade your interconnected online Remodeler page (as mentioned above) FREE. You can add a gallery of up to 15 images of your favorite projects, videos, testimonials, accreditations, extended description and a background splash image. Please remember to edit your remodeler page after you enter the Remodelers Showcase!

Social Media:
BATC-Housing First Minnesota posts to the Parade of Homes social media regularly before, during and after the tour. You can submit photos at anytime to, click on the Social Media page under the marketing tab. (Facebook posts average 25-50,000 weekly reach during the tour.) Any questions, please contact

Mobile Website:
All Remodelers Showcase models are included on our mobile website free of charge. These allow for basic searches via smart phone, and include any additional photos uploaded with Premium Online Upgrade.

Paid Upgrade:
With this low-priced option, you can make sure your entry stands out from the crowd.

Premium Online Entry:
$200.00 per entry. Add any or all of the following to enhance your online entry: Photo Gallery (you can include a variety of photos and PDFs such as floor plans); Video or Virtual Tour link; and additional website links, (e.g. a link to a neighborhood website).

One 24"x30" metal yard sign per entry
Six 22"x14" directional arrows per entry

Remodelers are responsible for installation of all signs, and may purchase additional directionals. You must follow MNDOT requirements as well as any county and city sign placement guidelines, and remove all directional signs by deadline. Illegally placed signs, and signs left up after the event hurt all of us as these agencies have threatened to disallow any signs if violations continue. Your $45 sign escrow will be returned only after signs are delivered to BATC-Housing First Minnesota. Call the city for rules and regulations.

Signs may be put up on Thursday, March 22nd and must be removed by 5 pm Monday, March 26th.

Parking Guidelines:
Pay attention to parking! If your entry is in an established neighborhood, please plan for parking needs. If streets are narrow, you should consider a shuttle from a nearby parking lot (get permission from the lot owner), or no parking signs along one side of the street. In any case, if parking could conceivably be an issue, please contact your city’s police, public safety or other representative to develop a plan.

Please note, with rare exceptions, some cities do not allow Parade Homes or have specific requirements or permits. Please check with your city.

As a participant in the Remodelers Showcase, you sign a participation agreement intended to ensure a consistent and positive experiences for our visitors. Primarily, that means every home on the tour is open, staffed, and priced accurately throughout the entire Parade event. To avoid receiving penalties, please read the participation agreement carefully, abide by the rules, and if something unexpected occurs, contact Casey Scozzari as soon as the problem arises. The Parade of Homes brand is highly respected and trusted, please help us ensure that it remains a valuable asset to future members of BATC-Housing First Minnesota by maintaining the integrity of our events.

The Remodelers Showcase is promoted each event with about a half-million-dollars in mass media promotion. We reach a huge percentage of Twin Cities residents through a wide variety of media. As the viewing/listening habits of consumers are changing, so are we. We continue to ensure a real presence on traditional media (newspaper, billboards and radio), yet are devoting more resources to online and social media.

For more detailed information and FAQs, click here.


Questions? Contact Casey at 651-697-1954 or



Spring 2018 Event Dates: March 23 - March 25, 2018

Fall 2018 Event Dates: September 28 - September 30, 2018


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